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All Natural Creme based Pomade that washes out easily. Great for all hair types. Quoted as being the “Best Smelling Pomade on the Market.”

New Look but same formula

Available in 2.oz and 4.oz

Pomade & Sizes

Ultra-Rich and Silky. Perfect when applied right before SeaSick  for Deeper Waves.

My Newest Product “Wave Enhancing Crème” will soon become a favorite among all wavers.

It’s thick creamy base provides and excellent balance between a moisturizer and light pomade making it a must try product.

Classic So Many Waves Tie - Down

Receive a 2.oz of all 3 products and a SMW Tie-Down for one low price!

Moisture Creme
Wave Enhancing Creme
Wave Pack

SeaSick T-Shirt

Now Available!

Sizes M-XL